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The best way to run Django on Google App Engine.

Djangae (djan-gee) is a Django app that allows you to run Django applications on Google App Engine, including (if you want to) using Django’s models with the App Engine Datastore as the underlying database.


Google Group:!forum/djangae-users



Note: Djangae is under heavy development, stability is not guaranteed. A 1.0 release will happen when it’s ready



Supported Django Versions

The intention is always to support the last two versions of Django, although older versions may work. Currently Django 1.7 and 1.8 are supported. Django 1.9 support (master) isn’t too far away!

** 1.6 is no longer supported by Djangae, as it’s not supported by Django either! **




For running the tests, you just need to run:

$ ./

On the first run this will download the App Engine SDK, pip install a bunch of stuff locally (into a folder, no virtualenv needed), download the Django tests and run them. If you want to run the tests on a specific Django version, simply do:


Currently the default is 1.7. TravisCI runs on 1.7 and 1.8 currently.

You can run specific tests in the usual way by doing:

./ some_app.SomeTestCase.some_test_method


Contributions are accepted via pull request and will be reviewed as soon as possible. If you have access to master, please do not commit directly! Pull requests only!

Code style should follow PEP-8 with a loose line length of 100 characters (don’t make the code ugly).